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  • "On the occasion of Shree Krishna Janmasthami and Shree Radha Asthami"

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  • "15 Days Sadhana Shivir is going to be held under the guidance of Respected Sangita Didi"

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  • "Place : Shyama Shyam Dham Thimi, Nepal "

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  • "Date : 2076 Bhadra (06 to 20) // 23 August to 6 September 2019"

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Our Activities


Gatibidhi - August 10, 2019

Relief Materials distribution program organized by Shree Radha Madhav Samiti Nepal to victims of r...

Video of Swami Ji

Guru Kripalu Mama Saranam

Guru Kripalu mama saranam, vande ham sadguru charanamMangalamapi mangal karanam, vande ham sadguru c...

Video of Didi

Ramayan Chaupai Baal Leela

ram jai jai ram jai jai ram jai jai ram ram jai jai ram jai jai ram jai jai ram...

Divine Radio

In online divine radio you can listen to bhajans, kirtans and prabachans by Shree Maharaj Ji, Swami Shree Haridas Ji and Respected Sangita Didi.


Shyama Shyama Dham, Thimi publishes a monthly magazine called "Aadhyatmik Sandesh" containing spiritual materials, satsang related articles and activites.


An annual calendar published by Shyama Shyama Dham, it includes the occasions celebrated at Mangharas as well as the occasions in Nepal.

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