About Divine Youth Club
Swami Shree Haridas ji, the only Nepali Preacher of Fifth original Jagadguru Shree Kripalu Ji Maharaj had established Divine Youth Club Nepal (DYC) on 4th of Falgun 2069 B.S.(15th Feburary,2013) on the special occasion of Basant Panchami. The core idea for establishing this club was to motivate youths to move in the field of selfless love of Shree Krishna and also engage them in social services to become a successful citizen of Nepal. With all the negative , selfish and self-motived people increasing in our society, the youths have also kept their step far away from their duty towards the country and god. To eliminate such negative companionship Respected Swami Shree HaridasJi established this club to help youths get involved themselves in their duty towards the country and god. With all the motivating speeches and lecture series of Respected Swami Shree Haridasji the members of this club have really get involved in social services and in field of devotion.

They had started their first sewa (Service) to God & Country in the main holy pilgrimage & one of the world’s Heritage Shree Pashupatinath in our country Nepal. With involvement of Respected Swami Shree Haridasji in the program, the youths had cleaned the temple with devotion and faith. After that, one after another DYC members get involved in many services like cleaning and service at Old Age Homes, free eye cataract workshops, dental camps. Likewise they run the Blood Donation Camp in every three months and also cleaned temples of various places of our country. Another highly appreciated initiative was the classes conducted by the traffic police on traffic rules and regulations. The lessons learnt are being implemented by the participants at their respective communities. Furthermore, Respected Sangita didi’s lessons on singing and playing musical instruments have also motivated these individuals to take up devotional singing and playing different musical instruments. They were also given trainings on Disaster Management and River Cleaning by experts of one of the biggest INGOs, Gayatri Samaj. With the inspiration of Swami Shree Haridasji and Sangita Didi, the motivated youths did an excellent job which was a beginning of a big social revolution with positive feedbacks. The National Campaign got a big popularity which involved more than 27 organizations with many schools, colleges and other private and government institutions also getting involved every week along with DYC.

Get Together Programs are also organized where leadership and positive personality training programs was also held by experts from Nepal Jaycees and Principles for the eternal development of the youths in a friendly environment with games and refreshments. Respected Swami Shree Haridasji and Sangita Didi also took these youths on a 5 day divine tour on the month of April, 2013 to historical and ancient places in Vrindaban, Barsana and also got a chance to meet Jagadguru Shree Kripalu ji Maharaj at Mangarh, UP, India.

In this way, the members of this club are really fortunate as they are doing their duty to both god and country. The credit for all this goes to Respected Swami Shree Haridasji who had such a vision to establish such a club and was well aware of the interests and commitments of the youths.

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