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Album - Asthu Kalash Visharjan at Pashupatya Chhetra
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Divine Radio
Divine Radio In online divine radio you can listen to bhajans, kirtans and prabachans by Shree Maharaj Ji, Swami Shree Haridas Ji and Respected Sangita Didi.

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Gatibidhi - April 20, 2019 Gatibidhi - April 20, 2019

New Year Sadhana program at Shyama Shyam Dham, Thimi, Bhaktapur. Ramnavami Celebration at Shyama Shyam Dham, Thimi & Centers of Shree Radha Madhav Samiti Nepal. Volunteering at Ram Ma...

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Video of Swami Ji
Guru Kripalu Mama Saranam Guru Kripalu Mama Saranam

Guru Kripalu mama saranam, vande ham sadguru chara...

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Video of Didi
Ramayan Chaupai Baal Leela Ramayan Chaupai Baal Leela

ram jai jai ram jai jai ram jai jai ram <
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Chait 2075 Chait 2075

Shyama Shyama Dham, Thimi publishes a monthly magazine called "Aadhyatmik Sandesh" containing spiritual materials, satsang related articles and activites conducted by Divine Youth Club.

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Calendar 2075
An annual calendar published by Shyama Shyama Dham, it includes the occasions celebrated at Mangharas as well as the occasions in Nepal.

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