About Sangita Didi
Sangita DidiBlessed with the Divine Grace of JagadGuru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj, rare disciple of his Divine Excellency, Sangita Didi is the practitioner of the teachings of the Divine Excellency. She is one of the most blessed preacher who shows the way to achieving transcendental bliss to the denizens of the Kaliyug which is singing the praises of the Lord. She is an expert in singing the Mythological and Heavenly Poems and Chants written by the Divine Excellency JagadGuru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj, in a melodious and mellifluous voice which touches the heart of every single person and energizes them. The word of the songs and her voice generates a feel of transcendental and Divine Bliss in the hearts of the listeners and takes them to the Paradise of the lord, far away from the Materialistic pursuit of the present Era. Graced with the Divine consideration of the His Divine Excellency, Sangita Didi is the Chairperson of Radha Madhav Samiti, Nepal, whose activities and praises have circulated beyond the frontiers of Nepal in more than Two Dozen places in the world.

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